5 Best Android Apps for Students

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Currently, the world is operating in a digital age that’s highly powered by gadgets and technology. Almost every facet of human endeavor hinges on mobile apps and technology to operate seamlessly and efficiently. With the rising use of smartphones, the communication gap previously existing in the time past is becoming much smaller as the day goes by.

Smartphones play a key role in education because it provides students easy access to the internet as well as enable them to communicate efficiently among themselves. Through specialized apps, Students can easily collaborate and brainstorm on assignments and other important areas of interest


It’s almost impossible to find modern students without a smartphone or laptop. It will be very difficult for students who don’t own these mobile gadgets and devices to cope with modern challenges affecting the way information and knowledge are disseminated.

Apart from the academic importance of mobile apps and smartphones, students use smartphone gadgets to connect with themselves socially via social media apps. Social interaction is important for the emotional and psychological development of modern-day students. Having stated the obvious, these are the 5 best android apps for students.

1.     Evernote

If there is one important android app that a student can’t afford to do without, it’s got to be Evernote. This important app lets you create virtual calendars, capture important notes, activate alerts, and keep memos in various formats. Students can use this amazing app to record audio files, interviews, take handwritten notes, reviews, and voice messages from their tutors or professors, and perform many other important functionalities.

Evernote also lets students receive emails which they can edit and then forward to their colleagues, which is helpful when they need to share ideas and brainstorm on a particular issue or problem. There is also the import and export functionality which cements the importance of this mobile app to make Evernote an indispensable android app for modern students.

2.     Oxford Dictionary

The dictionary is an important book a student can’t afford to do without. Dictionaries help students understand the meaning of words and other technical jargon common with their area of study and interests. However, thanks to technology, the Oxford dictionary is now available on smartphones. There is no need to carry around bulky dictionaries when going to school or group discussions.

The beauty about the Oxford dictionary app is that it’s available for free on the android playstore. Users can download this amazing app without the need for subscription or payment plans and can use them to check grammar, spelling, and use of words quickly and easily.

3.     RefMe

The RefMe app may not be as popular as the Evernote or the Oxford dictionary, but it’s an important tool that lets users such as students and researchers scan library book barcodes, and basically any product that makes use of barcodes, using their smartphone’s camera. If you are looking for an app that makes citations and referencing easy, the RefMe app is the right tool for you. It lets you reference your research using popular referencing styles such as APA, Chicago, and MLA. This amazing app makes it easy for students to cite their sources when conducting their research or dissertation.

4.     Dragon Dictation

The Dragon Dictation app is definitely of the best android app for students. The beauty of this amazing app is that it’s free and easy to install. This unique app helps to capture your vocals and convert them into digital format. After you have used the app to record your statements in a digital format, you can share them with your friends, family, and loved ones via emails, social media, and any other form of communication. The digital format can also be saved for future reference, which helps to make the Dragon Dictation android app an indispensable tool in the hands of students.

5.     SimpleMind

If you are looking for an Android App to help you stay organized, then the SimpleMind app should come top on your bucket list.  This app lets you customize your plans as they come to mind or according to thoughts or design, as well as generate new, interesting ideas. The mindmap can be used to organize social media advertising as well as generate small business ideas effortlessly. Most of the features can’t be fully explained without you downloading the app and experiencing the capabilities and functionalities yourself. The SimpleMind App is definitely among the best free android apps for students and great thinkers alike.

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What you need to know before you install

Just because you can get these apps for free doesn’t make them the right fit for you. You need to be careful when installing these apps so you don’t install malware and spyware accidentally, which are very common these days, especially when you are looking for free stuff from unauthorized stores. You must exercise your due diligence and caution before you install any of the above-mentioned apps.

Try as much as possible to read online reviews from the official playstore about the apps you want to install. This will give a general overview of what to expect when you install these apps. Try only to install from known and approved stores, that way you’d at least be safe to a reasonable extent because most of the apps, especially on Google playstore, have been vetted and approved by google for safe download.


If you are a student and you are wondering what type of apps you can install to help you with your studies or your quest to gain new knowledge, you should consider any of the above-mentioned android apps. These apps are geared to assist you to stay organized and up to speed with current developments in the digital world, albeit from an educational point of view.

We are in the digital age, and learning has assumed a whole new dimension that takes it away from the traditional, four-wall approach to a virtual, digital environment. As a modern student, you need to equip yourself with the right technological tools such as your smartphone, gadgets, and applications so you can tap into the benefits of the digital age. Those who can’t keep up with modern trends in learning will be left in the dark, struggling to keep up with the pace of our digital age and society.

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