4 Cool Marketing Automation Tools for Digital Marketers

4 Cool Marketing Automation Tools for Digital Marketers

Sendingblue automation tool

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Automation makes life a lot easier for the average businessman and organization. Complex, repetitive processes are handled by specially designed programs that are created to manage day-to-day activities of most small businesses as well as organization.

Digital marketing requires a marketer to set up complex advertising campaigns that are geared to delivering products and services to specially targeted audience.


Sendingblue automation toolSendinBlue provides complete marketing automation solutions to clients and digital marketing experts alike. It’s capable of working with various channels such as emails, Facebook and text. There are several pricing tiers that can satisfy the need of different types of digital marketers. There is also a free plan for those that can’t afford the paid plans; however, it’s limitted to 300 emails per day. One of the paid plans cost $25 per month, and it gives you access to 40000 emails per month.

If you want to get access to every channel SendinBlue has to offer, then we’ll suggest you go for their $66 plan. This gives you access to 120000 emails per month, which is sufficient for the needs of most digital marketers.

SendingBlue gives users the ability to personalize their experience. Users can customize messages by name or using some advanced fuctions.


Omnisend marketing toolIf you are looking for a flexible digital marketing tool that’s optimized multichannel campaigns, then Omnisend is the right choice for you. This tool supports the main digital marketing platforms available and also lets you manage cross-channel campaigns  via social media, text and emails.

Crafting high-quality emails is made easy by Omnisend’s email builder as it involves simple dragging and dropping important elements to where you want them. There are various email templates you can use to reach the right audience. This helps to improve user experience and improve conversions.

List building is the life line of every modern business and Omnisend simplifies the process of building your list with its innovative email capture options such as landing pages and popups, which serves as additions to the standard signup form. The innovative solutions of Omnisend make it easy for you to improve your digital outreach as well as subscription rates.

Omnisend comes with fair pricing options that are highly tied to the size of your subscriber list. However, the free option it comes with let you 2000 emails daily, and a total of 15000 monthly emails for free. If you want automation and segmentation then you’ll need to pay $16 to get it. There is an option that grants you access to Omnichannel support and this option goes for $199. If you want premium features such as dedicated account and deliverability manager, then you’d have to part with $2000, which is the cost for this option.

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GetResponse email responderGet Response is yet another solid marketing automation tool for digital marketers. It comes loaded with features such as email templates, advanced analytics and a host of other interesting options. These innovative features and options enable you to focus on work and achieve more with less time while it helps you facilitate your marketing tactics.

Common payment processors, ecomerce and social media platforms such as Paypal, Shopify, Stripe, Facebook, WooCommerce and WordPress, are well intergrated by GetResponse. This makes it easy for digital marketers to their existing marketing campaigns and practices.

Just like Omnisend and SendinBlue, GetResponse is priced based on the amount of subscribers you have. The basic plan is priced at $65 per month and it give users access autoresponders, email marketing, unlimited landing page and a host of other exciting features.

The $95 per month plan comes with a simple CRM suite, supports 10000 subscribers as well as adds support for Webinars up to 100 attendees. When you decide to go for the professional plan, you’ll get accesss to sales, more robust webinars and cooperation features. Enterprise plan ($1199) rivals any premium plan of competing brands. It grants you access to all that you need to succeed in the digital marketing business.


active campaign digital marketing toolThe ActiveCampaign marketing automation tool comes with a simple drag and drop interface, as well as other important features. This marketing automation serves as a CRM, which help users organize customer data, which will then lead to sales when exploited.

This marketing automation tool is powered by a maching learning system that helps to analyse results of previous campaigns which will then lead to better decision making for future campaigns. You can use the system’s filtering tools to show you relevant information that help to keep you informed and ready to make effective decisions.

The ActiveCampaign plans are tailored just like other plans from competing brands. The Lite plan cost $111 per month and grants users access to 10,000 contacts, however, it’s only limited to chat support and email. An additional $199 gives users access to the SMS tool as well as grants access for up to 25 users.

If you want to enjoy the machine learning tool, you’ll have to go for the professional plan and it cost $279. Then the biggest of them all is the Enterprise plan. You get a dedicated account rep and it goes for $399.


Marketing automation tools are changing the ways businesses and organizations are reaching and managing their customers. They provide an affordable way to reach out and remind customers about their products and services. Most importantly, they simplify and automate the processes of executing these digital marketing activities.