16 Best Workout Gadgets and Gears for Home Exercise

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When the pandemic hit in 2020, many started looking for ways to stay fit and in great shape. We saw the rise of peloton home exercise gadgets while gym clubs closed business. Since then, many have ditched gym memberships and realized it’s easier to workout from home provided they have the best health and fitness gadgets.

This article explores the best workout gadgets for home use, and how you can now achieve your health and fitness goals without necessarily stepping out of your home.

Working from home has also brought a new activity with it: working out from home. In this digital age, it is now entirely possible to do more exercises in the comfort of your living room than just sit-ups and press-ups. You can go several steps further thanks to the home exercise gadgets we’ll be reviewing.

1.   A home workout machine that builds strength and promotes cardiovascular activities: The CLMBR Pure

The CLMBR Pure workout gadget This $2,500 exercise equipment doesn’t come cheap at all. This gadget makes it fun to workout at home thanks to its beautiful touch display. You can access several fitness classes from the comfort of your home via the Internet.

This equipment has several classes that any workout enthusiast will find really useful. You would also find various classes that fit your health and fitness goals using the CLIMBR Pure.

2.   An entertaining gadget that powers you through the entire session: Amazfit PowerBuds.

Amazfit PowerBudsThese fitness earbuds help monitor your heart rate as you exercise at home. In addition, they can also detect abnormalities within your system in order to ensure you are safe as you work out.

With an integrated PPG heart rate sensor, these smart earbuds don’t just monitor your heart rate, they also send you a notification the moment you go above pre-set levels and conditions.

3.   Home gym equipment that helps you stay organized: The JAXJOX Interactive Studio home fitness equipment.

The JAXJOX Interactive Studio home fitness equipmentThe JAXJOX interactive studio is a sight to behold in the living room. It helps you get fit and organized while ensuring your workout routines are regular.

This home exercise gadget would easily replace your dumbbells and kettlebells, leaving you surprised at why you never purchased one for years.

Thanks to a beautiful touchscreen display that can tilt for better viewing and even counts reps, the JAXJOX interactive studio is incredibly great for tracking your fitness.

4.   A personal coach right in your living room: The Tonal Intelligent Fitness System

The Tonal intelligent fitness system works almost like a personal trainer. The major difference is that this gadget just isn’t human. And that can be a good advantage.

This home workout gadget could best be the future of working out. It is a smart tool that offers you hundreds of workout classes to stay inspired as you exercise at home.

It does a variety of things such as monitoring your motion range, measuring sets and reps, and more.

5.   Home workout gadget for respiratory muscle resistance: Airofit Pro

The Airofit Pro Smart breathing training system is literally focused on increasing lung capacity and ensuring respiratory muscle build resistance with each training session.

This workout gadget works by ensuring adjustable airflow resistance through the muscles. This, in return, enables you to feel stronger and faster as you workout.

In addition, the Airofit Pro Smart also provides you with lung monitoring through the integrated app.

6.   Personalized improvement tips and workout tricks: The STRAFFR Intelligent Fitness Band

The STRAFFR Intelligent Fitness BandThere are several fitness bands out there that you can purchase. However, the STRAFFR Intelligent fitness band is a step higher than most.

This health and fitness gadget gives you personalized coaching tips. It has a sensor that tracks every activity, and even allows you to create a personal profile.

Also, you can monitor your progress with each exercise session. What’s more, this is a band that can be worn anywhere you go.

7.   Best home workout gadget for building strength: Epic Fitness Neoprene Dumbell

Epic Fitness Neoprene DumbellEpic fitness dumbbell is an all-in-one home exercise equipment. It has everything that anyone would need for a comprehensive workout session. It has a powder coating that prevents it from being defaced by scratch.

Rather than investing in crude workout tools, the Epic Fitness set can be an excellent choice for your workout session.


8.   Best flexible home workout gadget for beginners: Fony Barrel Pilates

Fony Barrel PilatesAlthough the Fony Barrel workout gadget is ideal for beginners, it can also be used by advanced fitness zealots.

This equipment is capable of improving your well-being and posture. It is an adjustable gadget that you can set according to your height. It also includes ladder stops to give you the best performance.

The Fony Barrel is quite flexible, and you should expect minimal shaking while it’s in use.

9.   3D Soccer Shoes that customize your experience: IMOTANA Tailor made Soccer Shoes

These are customized shoes that are built to suit your feet size and shape. This is a very comfortable footwear for exercising at home, as opposed to picking up any generic footwear.

It has 3D apps that can scan your feet and adjust to your perfect size and shape.

10.   A workout tool that fits anywhere: TRX All-in-one Suspension Training System

TRX All-in-one Suspension Training SystemThe system has an exercise guide that comes with it. You will find the TRX Suspension Training System really appealing as you can anchor the suspenders to trees, rafters, and outdoor posts.

No matter where it is set up, this suspension system will help you master the seven foundational moves which all promote full-body strength.

11.   Home workout gadgets that help build resistance: FitCord X-Over Resistance Band

FitCord X-Over Resistance BandThese are durable bands that are made of dipped latex which is the most durable material for bands in its class.

FitCord resistance bands have a scrunched nylon safety sleeve helping to protect the underlying latex from UV damage and severe weather. The bands are up to 55 pounds in resistance which can be too much for an average workout session.

It is designed to help the best get the best.

12.   A yoga mat like no other: Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

Manduka Pro Yoga Mat
The Manduka Pro is cushiony enough for a floor-based exercise session. It is also a grippy mat that will help hold you in place without slipping off the floor.The $120 price of this yoga mat has made it a talking point. Nonetheless, it has been described as the Cadillac of all yoga mats.

13.   The quintessential treadmill: NordicTrack T 6.5 Si

NordicTrack T 6.5 SiThe NordicTrack treadmill has an excellent feature in iFit. This on-demand streaming service takes you on a real-world journey where you can choose from 16,000 exercises. This includes more than a thousand outdoor workouts that have been shot in different locations from France to Costa Rica.

This treadmill has a 10-inch touchscreen display that can keep you cool as you exercise and monitor your moves.

14.   Home workout gadget to relieve muscle soreness: CanDo Black Composite High-Density Roller

CanDo Black Composite High-DensityHighly revered for its durability, this CanDo roller has enough foam to target and relieve soreness in the shoulder, neck, leg, and back.

You can use this product after a high or low-impact workout. It is also very much compatible with other home workout gadgets such as ankle weights. This equipment has three lengths from which you can choose according to your height: 12, 18, and 36 inches.

15.   Best home workout gadget for jumps and warmups: Qwesen Jump Rope

Qwesen Jump RopeJumping rope can be a great exercise for several reasons. It helps burn calories, lose weight, and it is great for getting the heart rate up.

The Qwesen jump rope is a testament that cardio workout equipment isn’t always boring.

It has comfortable foam handles that give you a great grip on the rope while the steel wire offers you good enough momentum for a smooth rhythm.

16.   A sturdy and flexible weight bench: Flybird Adjustable Bench

This foldable workout bench made by Flybird is highly customizable. It has four-seat and six back positions plus an option to lie flat on the bench as you weightlift.

The bench can be easily adjusted and can be folded when not in use. At 500 pounds, it is a piece of very heavy workout equipment. With the footholds and padded seat, your long exercise sessions will never be boring again!

Final Words

We have seen that the home workout trend will possibly continue beyond the pandemic. As such, fewer people will have to visit gym clubs. It doesn’t mean that people have stopped setting new fitness goals, however. It only implies that there is a better way to go about achieving the goals. You should join the train.

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