15 Best Fun Tech Gadgets that will Excite Your pets

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Pet owners who buy these best fun tech gadgets for their pets will see the difference between a happy pet and an indifferent one. As pet owners would attest, welcoming a new pet into your home almost always equates to acquiring plenty new stuff too. You start by buying a bed, food containers, toys, and more toys until you stop counting. Yet, some of these things are not necessarily fun items your pet likes playing with.

Here, we will show you some of the best fun tech gadgets you can buy for your pet that will engage them, relieve you, and make life better – for both of you. We have also included items that are helpful for you such as the security camera. You need to read to the end and make your buying decisions.

For all the love our pets give us, here is a chance to give them some in return.

1.   Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo Dog CameraAt $249, this Furbo Camera is in fact a dog nanny and home security camera 2-in-2. It provides 1080p video resolution even in low light situations, as well as barking alerts plus two-way audio. These features allow you to monitor your pet right from your phone anywhere you are. It also allows you to put your dog in charge of the house when you are outside. It comes with a super attractive design, sturdy ergonomics, and bright video quality.

2.   Petcube Bites 2 Lite

Petcube Bites 2 LiteIf the $249 Furbo is not affordable for you, this $149 Petcube Bites might be the one. It provides a similar experience, albeit for a lesser price. It allows you to hear, see and interact with your pet while tossing them a treat at the same time, from the comfort of your smartphone. A fun and easy-to-use device, it ensures that your pet is safe while you are outside the house. While an excellent buy, its camera quality isn’t as good as the Furbo which remains a top recommendation.

3.   Fi Smart Dog Collar Series 2

Fi Smart Dog Collar Series 2Coming at a base price of $129 plus an additional $99 yearly for the optional GPS/LTE accessory, the Fi Smart Dog Collar Series 2 is worth every cent you are shelling. It tracks your pet’s location and sends you an alert if it notices that your pet has escaped wherever you placed it. Also, it can keep track of sleep and other activities which would help you identify health issues associated with your pet. Its long battery life, top-notch hardware, and social features are uncommon on the market.

4.   Whistle Fit

Whistle FitFor those with big pets. The $80 Whistle Fit can help it get in shape. It comes with an optional $35 subscription which when combined with the Fit can help track your pet’s activities including calories burned, distance covered, rest duration, and more. It has an app that it connects to so it can show you your pet’s progress concerning the goals and activities you have personalized. Also, it allows you to set reminders about vet visits, medicines, food recommendations, and more. It can also track your pet’s scratching and licking and notify you of potential medical issues.

5.   Wisdom Panel Premium

Wisdom Panel PremiumAvailable at $195, Wisdom Panel Premium provides almost all of the elements you want in a dog DNA test kit. It has the capability to trace your pet back to its grandparents and can check for a wide range of genetic health conditions. This would allow you to know ahead, the possible illnesses that could be associated with your pet. The DNA tests carried out by this tool are quite comprehensive, with professional packaging and easy-to-understand results. The results are also consistent irrespective of the number of times you carry out the test. This gives us faith that you can go ahead and buy this kit.

6.   Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty XL

THE Shark IQ Robot XL is a $600 piece that we find compelling despite the range of robot vacuums on the market as few are as powerful to capture the range of this impressive gadget. Thanks to its powerful suction and self-cleaning brush roll, the Self-Empty XL also offers enough momentum to suck pet fur from carpeting, with the bush roll helping to filter pet and human hair into the bin. It is also efficient and quick at getting the job done. You only need to empty it once a month thanks to the large bin in the base.

7.   BISSELL SpinWave 2-in-1 Wet Mop

The $399 BISSELL SpinWave Wet and Dry Mop is a 2-in-1 pet gadget that can help you clean after your pet whether it got tracked in the mud or drools. While many of its rivals mop with water, this gadget allows for a wide range of cleaning solutions and comes with two spinning pads. This way, it can scrub the floor and sanitize it at the same time.

8.   iRobot Roomba J7+ (7550) Robot Vacuum

iRobot Roomba J7+ (7550) Robot Vacuum gadgetthis is the newest addition to iRobot’s robot vacuum lineup. Let’s face it: no one likes to clean poop, worst of all dog poop. However, we can’t stop this natural phenomenon. This J7+ Robot Vacuum helps your pet from smearing poop all over your apartment. The $700 pet gadget comes with a built-in camera and AI technology, helping to automatically detect poop and clean it. Overall, it helps to avoid pet waste in your apartment. What’s more, it comes with a guarantee.

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9.   Dyson Purifier Cool TP07

If you are allergic to pet odors, you need a great air purifier that can help you cohabitate with your pet in the same apartment. This pet tech gadget comes for $550, and one of the things we love about it is the 3670-degree filter which helps to capture airborne containments to minimize allergy symptoms. It also comes with a carbon layer that has worked great at removing odors and gases. This gadget can also double as an oscillating fan in your room, although with a small reach. It also comes with Wi-Fi connectivity which is great for voice and phone controls.

10.   MyQ Pet Portal

The MyQ Pet Portal works with custom collar sensors. The gadget opens like an elevator by request or automatically via the sensor. Its $3,000 price may be high if you haven’t considered its features. It has two 1080 resolution cameras as well as dual audio and night vision, allowing you to monitor the dealings within your pet’s environment. You can do this in real-time or on-demand, via your phone. It also comes with a unique design that you will surely love to get for your favorite pet.

11.   Litter-Robot 3 Connect

Litter-Robot 3 ConnectThis fun tech gadget is specially tailored for cat owners. At $549, the self-cleaning Litter-Robot 3 Connect is a litter box that brings a new world of cleanliness to you. It waits for a certain duration for the cat to be done before it starts cleaning which is by rotating the globe to sift through the waste and separate it from litter. It also has a nightlight for cats that may not embrace the dark. It comes with a 48-hour battery that ensures filtering can continue even after a power outage. It also comes with an app for monitoring your pet and can give you an alert once there is poop.

12.   AmazonBasics Dog Waste Bags with Dispenser and Leash Clip

So far, this $20 gadget is the cheapest we have covered. For that amount, you are provided with 900 bags suitable for picking pet poop, plus a dispenser that you can clip. This is a cheap option for ensuring a clean environment for your pet.

13.   Ruffwear Dog Cooling Vest

Costing around $60, the Ruffwear Dog Cooling Vest is a great option for hiking and camping lovers. With this gadget, you can go hiking with your pet even in warm climates and have something to help shield it from excess heat. You can dip the vest in water, wring it, and wear it on your pet while outdoors. It’s that simple, and your pet is ready to run around with you whatever the miles you are covering.

14.   Timbuk2 Muttmover Luxe Dog Backpack

The Muttmover is designed to carry your pet, their gadgets, and your gadgets all in one pack. It comes with padded shoulder straps and several external pockets for keeping auxiliary items. The main bag comes with a zippered hole that you should find big enough for your pet’s head to prod through. It has an interior that is quite easy to wipe down as well as a collapsible dog bowl.

15.   K&H Heated Cat Bed

Many have dubbed this a cat’s “hot tub”. We have found that cats also seem to love sitting right in this “hot tub” for countless hours, especially when it’s cold. The K&H Bed is an effective gadget for engaging your pet in a still position while you continue your productive activities. It is also easy to wash, which is a great point as cats spend hours in it every day.


The gadgets contained in this guide are some of the most exciting fun gadgets for pets you can get. They offer you an easy way to keep an eye on your pets and offer them the comfortable life they deserve. Treating your pets right will endear them to you and will lead to an overall improvement in their wellbeing.

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