14 Best Coffee Gadgets for Coffee Lovers

14 Best Coffee Gadgets for Coffee Lovers


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Do you love coffee or have someone close to you who loves coffee? Then you may have a good reason to drink coffee. According to this BBC report,  consuming coffee moderately (about 3-4 cups daily) could enhance life expectancy and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and Parkinson’s. Several methods exist to improve your coffee drinking experience and make it more enjoyable to brew and drink. Whether using a full-automatic espresso machine or a hand grinder, coffee lovers have many coffee gadgets. All these best coffee gadgets share one thing in common: they make it easier/more enjoyable to brew and drink coffee.

We’ve included some of the best coffee gadgets for coffee lovers, and we believe they will make an excellent addition to any coffee lover’s collection. We’ve reviewed some of these cool coffee gadgets. Let’s get into it.

1. Wacaco Nanopresso

Wacaco NanopressoThe Wacaco Nanopresso features a pumping system that can produce 18 bars of pressure which allow for consistent extraction. Nanopresso is a brewing chamber that reduces pumping pressure by 15% and has a smaller form factor. The portable brewer’s amazing design makes it easy to make great pour-over coffees no matter where you may be.

Ideal For: Coffee lovers who love to brew their favorite cup of coffee from wherever they are.

2.  Aeropress Go

Aeropress GoWithout this modern coffee-making icon, the list would not be complete. Aeropress Go is a smaller, more portable version of the original Aeropress. It stores the brewer and all accessories and doubles up as a coffee cup. It still retains the same trademark features that made the original so successful: a fast and efficient brewing process and extremely easy to clean. It’s almost a large syringe, so it seems a stretch to call this a gadget. The Aeropress Go makes brewing coffee easy and delicious. This is, by definition, a great coffee gadget.

Ideal For: For those who want to make high-quality, cafe-quality coffee at a low price.

3.  Grosche Milano Stovetop Espresso Maker

Grosche Milano Stovetop Espresso MakerDespite all the technological advances, Moka pots are still the best coffee maker. Stovetop espresso is popular for its ease of brewing, flexibility in making multiple cups, and strong flavor.

This gorgeous Moka Pot by Grosche is made of the highest quality, food-grade aluminum. It can be used with gas, electric, or camping stoves. If the white model doesn’t suit your aesthetic sensibilities, you can also choose from the black, red, or silver models. This brewer is easy to clean and use, thanks to its high-quality silicone seals and heat-resistant handle.

Ideal For: Espresso lovers who love bold, Italian-style espresso brews.

4.  Stanley Adventure All in One Espresso Maker

Stanley Adventure All in One Espresso MakerFrench presses have been around for a long time and are still the best way to make coffee at home. Their simplicity is what makes them so appealing.

The Stanley French Press is, however, a bit more complicated. It’s amazing. You just need to boil some water in the mug and add your coffee grounds. Once you have set the desired brewing time, simply press down on the French Press insert.

The package includes a drink lid and fold-flat handles. All components can be washed in the dishwasher. It also comes with the Stanley legendary durability (and warranty).

Ideal For: Travelers who enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning.

5.  Cafelat Robot Manual Lever Espresso Maker

Cafelat Robot Manual Lever Espresso MakerThis machine is quite low-tech for a coffee-making robot. The robot’s name is a result of its appearance – it looks like something out of The Jetsons. This espresso maker has a beautiful design but is also made of high-quality stainless components and no plastic. It will take some getting used to the Robot’s workflow if you are used to semi-automatic espresso machines. Your efforts will pay off with espresso that rivals machines three to four times the price.

Ideal For: Coffee lovers who are looking to start making manual espresso.

6.  Chemex Ottomatic 2.0

Chemex Ottomatic 2.0The Chemex brewer is a familiar name. However, as we discussed in our review, it does have a learning curve. The Ottomatic 2.0 converts complex pour-over techniques into a simple press of a button. The Ottomatic 2.0 works like any other automatic coffee maker, but it uses the Chemex Brewer. You also get features such as pre-infusion and SCA-standard water heating. Chemex produces a great cup of coffee with a truly exceptional, clear flavor.

Ideal For: Coffee lovers who would love a brewer that brewed their coffee automatically.

7.  Mr. Coffee Espresso And Cappuccino Maker

Mr. Coffee Espresso And Cappuccino MakerThe majority of espresso machines have a steam wand. This means you must steam the milk manually for a cappuccino or latte. This Mr. Coffee machine automates this process.

You prepare the portafilter the way you would for a semi-automatic espresso machine. Then, press the button to brew your beverage. It’s that simple.

This machine is less than $200, so you won’t get cafe-quality drinks. You won’t be disappointed if you are only interested in cappuccinos or lattes. To get the best out of it, use dark roast beans.

Ideal For: For those who cannot live without coffee and lattes.


8.  Hamilton Beach Smart coffee maker

Hamilton Beach Smart coffee makerYou know how easy it is to control lights and other devices with Amazon Alexa. It can turn on and off things or set up routines such as turning all lights on at sunset.

The Hamilton Beach device adds the convenience of Alexa home automation to your coffeemaker. The app can be used on your smartphone or smart speaker to control the coffee maker’s settings, such as a pause or restart button. You can also set the clock to brew whenever you wake up, since it automatically syncs with your phone.

The brewing process is identical to other Hamilton Beach brewers. We are glad to see that coffee technology has advanced to the point that pressing a button no longer makes sense.

Ideal For: Coffee enthusiasts who wish to use voice commands to manage their coffee maker.

9.  Cuisinart Automatic Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Cuisinart Automatic Cold Brew Coffee MakerCuisinart’s coffee maker revolutionalized the way we brew coffee. According to how strong your coffee is, it can make 7 cups of cold brew in just 25 to 45 minutes. Push a lever to drain the brewed coffee into the carafe. You can also remove the carafe from the fridge. The coffee grounds are in the basket, so cleanup is quick. All parts that can be removed are safe for the dishwasher.

Ideal For: Cold-brew lovers who don’t mind waiting 12+ hours to get their favorite drink.

10.  Timemore Chestnut Coffee Grinder

Timemore Chestnut Coffee GrindeThe aluminum body and the stainless steel hand crank are made from it. It has a set of 38mm conical steel bristles inside. It grinds quickly, the hand crank rotations are smooth, and it produces consistent grinds for everything, from French Presses to Moka Pots.

Ideal For People looking to buy their first burr coffee machine, but with a tight budget.

11.  The Collapsible Mug with a Leakproof Lid

A collapsible mug is excellent for refueling at the coffee shop or making your coffee at home. The sip lid is leakproof and secure. It is also pleasant to drink from and easy to hold. The sip lid has rigid plastic sleeves that act as an insulator, while the flexible silicone holds its shape. It also collapses almost flat, so you can throw it in your bag after you’re done.

Ideal For: Taking coffee on the move.

12.  A Super Aesthetic Electric Gooseneck Kettle

The electric gooseneck-style kettle can heat water to a specific temperature in just minutes. The kettle features a 1200-watt heating element and an LCD screen that is easy to read. It also features a timer that can be used to ensure your coffee steeps for the correct amount of time. Its narrow, curving spout makes it easy to pour slowly and even.

Ideal For: French press brewing.

13.  Coffee Hand Grinder

This handheld grinder is an ideal solution for small-batch beer brewing. The conical ceramic burrs ensure consistent grind sizes, and the rubber base will hold it steady as you turn it. It can hold enough beans for eight cups.

Ideal For: Coffee brewing in small quantities.

14.  Digital kitchen scale with an in-built timer

Measuring your coffee ingredients by their weight rather than by volume is essential. Because grind size impacts the volume of your coffee, a digital scale can help you ensure consistent, high-quality coffee. It has five units of measurement: ounces, grams, and pounds, as well as grams per milliliter and liter. It runs on two AAA batteries that are included. The top platform has a silicone mat with a textured surface to prevent spillages and slippages.

Ideal For: Coffee brewing at home

Final Thoughts

With the right coffee gadgets, enjoying your coffee becomes easier and stress-free. We’ve reviewed some of the best coffee gadgets for coffee lovers you should try today. Get any of this for yourself or loved ones who crave that special taste or aroma of coffee today!