10 Gadgets Designed to Spice up Your Home and Office in 2023

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Two important locations where we spend most of our time, no doubt, are our home and office. The home and office may not be the perfect place to spend time for some people, but for most, they are the ideal places to spend a significant part of their lives. The office and living space provide us a place to explore our creative potential as well as relax from a tough day riddled with various activities. Keeping them attractive often provides a psychological therapeutic experience.

These days, high-tech gadgets can be used to spice up your home and office space because they come in various shapes, sizes, alternating colors, some of which pack some interesting and exciting features. Some of these amazing gadgets are purifiers, smart chargers, plant pots, and many more. We have selected the best and we hope they can help you enjoy the ambiance of spaces you love to spend a lot of time in.

1.   Tree of light – Modern Desktop Lamp

Tree of light - Modern Desktop LampOne impressive-looking portable gadget I found on one of my tech shopping sprees of recent is this amazing modern desktop lamp. Its aesthetics are simply breathtaking. This unique gadget will be perfect for your bedroom or office desk, most especially if you are the type that’s mostly active at night or works on night shifts. At first, you’ll think the Tree of light lamp is all about lights but on closer inspection, you’ll see that it’s also a Bluetooth speaker as well as a wireless charger.

Basic features

  • Touch control
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Sleep Mode
  • Wireless charger

 2.  Google Nest Hub (New Gen)

Google Nest Hub (New Gen)Google Nest hub is one versatile piece of technology that can be used for a lot of activities both at home and at the office. You can use it to control, watch and listen to your favorite media apps such as Spotify, YouTube videos, and news, as well as control your smart lights at home.

Amazon Echo also lets you control your smart home, however, Google’s Nest Hub is just as good or even better than the Echo to some peeps. Google has made significant leaps and bounds in Artificial intelligence and this advantage is rubbing off on their latest gadgets and tech.

The Nest Hub’s sleep-sensing feature is outstanding. The gesture control feature is on a whole new level. You can even stop a timer, play and pause media, and even snooze an alarm with gestures as simple as taping the air in front of the device.

Basic features

  • Sleep sensing capability
  • Touch, voice, and gesture control interactive features
  • Artificial intelligence with an amazing display
  • High-quality speakers
  • Compatible with most smart homes
  • Comes packed with Soli, Temp, and Ambient EQ sensors

3.   Yescom LifeSmart LED Smart Hexagon Touch Lights

yescom-led-panelsIf you are looking for a gadget that can give your home and office space a beautiful, breathtaking glow, you may want to consider getting the Yescom LifeSmart smart LED hexagon touch lights. The package includes 1 Tabletop base as well as 10 light blocks and a LED light kit. This amazing gadget lets you splice and create breathtaking shapes the way you want using the 10 blocks that come with it. The LifeSmart LED touch light’s controls are great and flexible with options for you to control it using smartphone, touch, and voice controls (e.g. Amazon Alexa or Google home).

Basic Features

  • Tabletop usage or wall-mounted capability
  • RGB LED lights
  • Google Home and Amazon Alexa support
  • Smartphone control capability

 4.  Magnetic Levitating Lamp with Wireless charging capability

Magnetic Levitating Lamp with Wireless charging capabilityWhen I first laid my eyes on this amazing levitating lamp gadget, I was stunned by its alien-like, Sci-Fi movie tech appearance. I wondered how such tech became a reality. Well, with humans, anything is possible. Using the Maglev technique, the bulb floats with any type of contact.

It also uses another technology called magnetic induction to power the bulb. There is also an on/off button at the base of the lamp which you can use to control the lights. Despite the beautiful aesthetics of the Lamp, it is quite rugged and can sustain some shocks thanks to the fall-proof design.

Basic Features

  • Fall proof design
  • Beautiful and warm LED lights
  • Touch control
  • Qi Wireless Phone charger
  • Floats without any physical support
  • Attractive, innovative, and modern design

5.   Midea Window Air Conditioner (New Gen)

Midea Window Air Conditioner (New Gen)Every home and office requires some type of air conditioner to make the environment livable and comfortable. Midea Window Air Conditioner uses state-of-the-art technologies to deliver cool air efficiently, helping it save more energy as well as operate more quietly.

These advantages the new Midea window air conditioners possess are difficult to achieve if you make use of traditional air conditioners or you are considering getting one. If you are looking to save money on energy bills while enjoying cool air in your living space and office, you definitely need to consider this Midea Window air conditioner. It’s easy to install and less noisy when compared to traditional air conditioners.

Basic features

  • Quit operation
  • Smart control that easily integrates with Google home and Alexa
  • Free-to-open window design
  • Saves at least up to 35% of energy cost


6.   Astro Mini Portable 4L Fridge

Astro Mini Portable 4L FridgeYes everyone deserves a chilled bottle of drink after a tough day’s work. Having a portable mini fridge by your bedside or in your office saves you from stress or having to expend lots of energy to reach your favorite drinks or snacks. The beauty of the Astro Mini portable 4L Fridge is its size. It’s almost as portable as a toaster, which means that it wouldn’t take up any notable space in your bedroom or office. Many women will find the Astro Mini Portable fridge really useful as it can be used to store beauty products and other products requiring refrigeration.

Basic features

  • Quiet operation with noise measured at 25db
  • 4 Liter capacity
  • Warm up to 150?F (66?C)
  • Can contain 6 cans of drinks/12oz
  • Works with 12v car socket

7.   Levitating Plant Pot

The name alone of this beautiful, innovative gadget may seem strange and weird to many, but make no mistake, the Levitating plant pot actually lives up to its name. Levitating plant pot gives your living space and office that sci-fi look that can stun any guest that comes around. It can hold a number of flowers and comes in a lightweight design, specially crafted to give your home an office space that sophisticated look most people crave.

The base of the Levitating Plant pot comes with a magnetic coil as well as sensors that help to suspend and rotate the pot midair. To perform all these levitating activities, power supply is needed. You’ll need to connect your levitating plant pot to your power outlet.

Basic features

  • Can support plants weighing up to 300grams
  • Floats seamlessly when powered
  • Comes with a 360-degree rotation capability
  • Made of resin material
  • Easy to install

8.   Graywind Smart Motorized shade

With the growing rise of smart homes in recent times, many individuals without smart homes are turning to gadgets that will make their traditional homes become smart. The Graywind Smart motorized shade will help you maintain your privacy from the comfort of your couch using your smartphone as a remote control. You can easily schedule close/opening hours via the app and it will automatically get the job done. You’ll need to install the Tuya app on your smartphone and then you can control your Smart motorized shade easily. This amazing smart gadget can also be controlled using Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa directly.

Basic Features

  • 19 color options
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Siri
  • Manual, phone app, automatic, and voice command operation

9.   Switchbot Smart Curtain Robot

Just like the Graywind Smart Motorized Shade, the Switchbot Smart Curtain Robot will help in your quest to transform your traditional home into a smart home. If you have been looking for a smart way to remotely control your curtains without much fuzz, you should consider getting this amazing piece of gadget. All you need to do is to clam this Smart curtain robot to your curtain rod, connect or pair it with your smartphone and then you can control your curtain the way you want. It comes with a light sensor that gives the Switchbot blind the ability to automatically open and close the curtain depending on the availability of sunlight.

Basic Features

  • Ability to automate any curtain
  • Packed with high-quality rechargeable batteries
  • Supports Google Home, Alexa, Siri, and voice command
  • App and wireless connection
  • Comes with IFTTT, API, and SmartThings support

10.   Air Omni 6 In 1 Charging Station

Air Omni 6 In 1 Charging StationWhen you need a charging station to juice up all your gadgets and tech devices, the Air Omni 6 In 1 charging station will turn up for you. This amazing piece of tech can charge 6 devices simultaneously. It’s aesthetically pleasing and lightweight, which makes it a perfect travel companion. It’s compatible with iPhone smartphones, thanks to its convertible type C and lightning connector. It supports fast charging, which is good when you have power-hungry gadgets that need to be juiced up quickly.

Basic Features

  • Carbon fiber build
  • Supports fast charging (Both wireless and wired)
  • Compatible with Earbuds, Smartwatches, smartphones & tablets
  • Convertible Type-C and lightning connections


These are 10 gadgets you can use to spice up your home and work life in 2023. There are lots of other gadgets outside this list you can consider. Your choice of gadget selection will depend on what features you seek and what ambiance you’d love to see in your home or office life. Getting the right tech for your office and home will surely improve your productivity and give you the perfect rest at home when you’ve finished your day’s work.

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