10 Cool Electronic Gadgets and Technologies to Lookout for in 2018

10 Cool Electronic Gadgets and Technologies to Lookout for in 2018

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Technology has got to be one of the most used English words in the twenty-first century because the world lives and breathes technology. There are many cool electronic gadgets in the tech market today, and these tech gadgets are mostly used in solving and managing everyday problems and activities.

The advent of 2015 brought us magnificent leaps in the use of technology, from the Apple watch to the oculus rift game, HTC one/HTCM9, even Bill Gates’ Windows 10’s release gave everyone a shock, instead of the much-expected windows 9.

10 cool electronic gadgets and technologies to rock the tech market in 2016

1.  Pebble Time Steel


Unlike Apple watches that burden its users with the task of daily charging, the Pebble Time Steel comes with a battery life that lasts ten days. Another feature is its compatibility to pairing with both androids and apple devices. The Pebble time steel is one of the cool electronic gadgets to hit the tech market recently. We expect to see more of it in 2016.

2.  Sphero Bb-8


To all gadget lovers and star wars fans alike, this is star wars saying “happy 2016.” The droid you have all been anticipating, with holographic communication and have the ability to recognize and react to your voice, is now within your grasp. It’s one of the cool electronic gadgets we expect the take the tech market by storm in 2016.

3.  Devices with New Shapes

Due to the complaints of smartphones users about high-end devices being too bulky and weighty, 2016 is expected to unveil the Samsung Droid devices with foldable screens, and curved screens are also expected to be more common. Reports have emerged that iPhone7 will be 1mm slimmer by ditching the 3.5mm sockets.

4.  Smarter Coffee

Smarter Coffee

The smarter coffee is brought to you by the same hot drink heroes who developed the Wi-Fi kettle. Smarter coffee will be able to brew 12 cups of coffee at once at the command to grind and brew using your smartphone.

5.  Oculus Rift

Occulus Rift gadget

This unique gaming device was one of the most famous gaming gadgets in 2015. Again, every gamer’s dreams come to life, as it allows users “step into” their favorite games and emulate their favorite characters. The ergonomics of the headset allows for a natural fit that users can customize to be as comfortable as possible. The Oculus Rift is one of the cool electronic gadgets to look out for in 2016.

6.  Drop Kitchen Scale

Drop Kitchen scale


Every baker needs a perfect helper. Drop’s scale is incredibly accurate as it can solely measure out ingredients in quantities to match other ingredients.

7.  Devices with Cognitive Capabilities

To make specific, subjective decisions, Qualcomm will ship its flagship snapdragon820 processor, which it claims to be able to identify subjects in photographs in addition to adjusting settings.

8.  Withings Smart Body Analyzer

Withins body analyser

After the holidays, ensuring fitness becomes necessary, and WSBA is just the tool required. The machine can recognize up to eight different users, so feel free to share as you reach your fitness goals in 2016 as it measures body weight, fat, heart rate, etc.

9.  Tellspec Food scanner



If there were no excess calories, there wouldn’t be weight-watching in the first place. This scanner uses spectroscopy to calculate calories and tell you more about what you are about to eat.

10.  iGRILL2


The iGRILL 2 comes with a 200-hour battery life and grillers can leave their meat and run other things. It goes off when the meat is properly cooked. This gadget helps to prevent the meat from getting overcooked or burnt and is one of the cool electronic gadgets to look out for in 2016.

All these cool electronic gadgets and technologies may not be entirely new to many, but will rock the tech market this year. They were created to make life a lot easier live and manage. I look forward to 2016 with such gadgets available, how about you?


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