10 Best Gadgets For Architects In 2023

10 Best Gadgets For Architects In 2023

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Architecture is a major industry responsible for building structures all over the world. Many years ago, architects never needed sophisticated tools to get the job done. A simple pencil and paper were enough for an architect to carry out his work. However, as the years went on, buildings and structures needed more integrity.

Hence, the use of technical gadgets became part of the system. Since then, building structures have begun to evolve thanks to technology. They’ve been many gadgets that have been introduced to help architects to keep up with modern-day civilization. These gadgets have played a significant role in changing the landscape of the building industry. They allow architects to operate with the freedom and creativity they need.

Since architects now deal with many gadgets, which ones are the best in the market? We have taken out time to carry out our extensive research. In this article, we shall discuss the 10 best gadgets for architects in 2023.

Top 10 Gadgets For Architects

We have narrowed our list of gadgets for architects to the top 10 best. The following are the 10 best gadgets for architects:

1.   Smart Pen

Smart Pen gadget

As simple as this gadget looks, it is one of the essential gadgets on this list. This smart Pen might look like your regular pen, but it is different. This Smartpen is a digital gadget that you can use to write down anything on a piece of paper. However, the fascinating part of this gadget is that it stores everything you have written down.

So the pen serves as a storage device to backup your drawings and vital data. Whenever you need this information, you can connect your pen to a smart device. From here, you can access everything you have written with it digitally.

This pen will be of great help to every architect. It will help them save their sketches. It will enable them to access this information easily at any time. The smart pen, no doubt, has revolutionized the architecture industry with amazing features and capabilities.

2.   Pocket Projectors

Pocket Projector Gadget

You already know of the regular projector used in cinemas and seminars that projects videos to the wall. Have you ever imagined having a pocket-size mini projector? Sounds imaginative, right? Many years ago, this wouldn’t have been possible. But thanks to the evolution of technology, we now have pocket-sized projectors in 2023. So this gadget is real. Pocket projectors can project videos and images just like a regular projector. They use memory card slots, USB slots, and HDMI to connect. It’s one of the best gadgets architects can have in their possession. It will enable them to put up a presentation whenever possible.

3.   Laser Measures

Laser Measures gadget

Over the years and even till this moment, measuring tapes have been one of the most common tools used by architects. There have been many changes in this aspect with the introduction of Laser measures. These laser measures will serve as the perfect alternative to your measuring tapes. Like traditional tapes, they can calculate the width, heights, and lengths of 198 meters.

You must be wondering how this gadget works. This gadget works by transmitting a laser pulse to the intended spot. Once it hits the spot, you measure the time it takes for the reflection to revert. This gadget is very easy to use. The interesting fact about this gadget is that it comes with a 1 mm accuracy. The efficiency of this gadget is why this gadget has made our top 10 list.

4.   VR Goggles

VR Goggles

Virtual reality is now a means used to carry out projects by architects. It has been a recent development, and it has been quite an achievement for architecture. The use of VR Goggles is a modern development that will tip the scales of architectural evolution in the coming years. When architects wear these VR Goggles, they can use them to experience a real-time visualization of a project they are working on.

You need to wear this special gadget and connect it to a high-tech computer. Your virtual reality will commence immediately. All the images you will see when these goggles are on are real-time 3D images. You can move across your whole project to observe while in the VR space. Though this gadget is in high demand in the gaming world, it contributes to architectural development. The fascinating aspect of using VR Goggles in architecture is that architects can influence their designs.

5.   Wireless Flash Drives

Wireless Flash Drives

Architects use so many documents and data when carrying out their jobs. Flash Drives are great, and many architects use them in the field. But here’s an upgrade in the form of Wireless Flash Drives. A wireless flash drive will enable architects to easily transfer documents and information from their devices to it wirelessly. The wireless flash drive can also work with multiple smart devices simultaneously. Architects are always on the move, so it’s great to have a gadget that will provide documents and information they need effortlessly. This gadget is an essential digital backup that all architects should have.


6.   Solar Papers

Solar PapersHere’s an Interesting one you would love. Like the traditional solar panels you must have come across, this device is very productive. The solar paper is like a solar panel in the form of a book. It is like a book the size of an A4 paper. With this gadget, you can charge all your smart devices on the go. Since they are powered by solar, you won’t worry about them running down anytime soon.

As long as your device charges with a USB port, this gadget can power them up. The USB port comes with a 5V, 500mA per panel. Architects do spend a lot of time at building sites. Most of these sites might not have a power supply, especially if it’s just an upcoming construction project. However, with the help of this gadget, architects can relax knowing that their smart devices will be running on full juice.

7.   Cube Color Digitizer

Cube Color DigitizerOne of the most renowned color digitizers you’ll ever encounter is the Cube Color Digitizer. With the help of his gadget, you can easily detect any color from any surface using its innovative features. This gadget will play a vital role in helping architects in viewing colors and obtaining the right color. There are multiple ways, and you can make use of this gadget. You can use it to confirm if the color being used for your project is the right color. You can also use it to capture any color you like from other mediums for your use. With the tap of a button, you can use this gadget to capture your desired color. The Cube Color Digitizer is a must-have for every architect.

8.   Graphic Tablet

Graphic Tablet

One of the major ways that architects express their ideas is through graphics. With the help of a graphic tablet, architects can draw whatever designs or scribble they require. A pen also accompanies this smart gadget to enable your sketching. The exciting aspect of this gadget is that you can work on your sketches digitally. So you can turn your scribbles on the device into real digital sketches. You can also connect it to your smart devices with the help of a USB device.

9.   3D Pen

3D Pen

3D pens are a new type of tech gadget that has been available in the market. This gadget is now a great tool in the hand of architects, thanks to the productivity you can achieve with it. Holding this gadget for the first time will seem like you’re holding a toy. The 3D pen is one of the gadgets with the most significant potential on this list. Technically speaking, it will take a 3D printing machine to be able to create a 3D model.

Thanks to this device, architects can make a 3D model without passing through the huddles of a 3D printer. Another interesting fact about this gadget is that you don’t need any technical knowledge or ability to be able to use this gadget. It’s portable in size yet very effective. If you are an architect, you can use this gadget for your third dimension projects. Purchasing this 3D pen will surely give you great value for your money. It’s going to be worth it even after many years.

10.   Pro Device Finder

Pro Device FinderConstruction sites are bustling locations booming with various activities. You could be so busy as an architect that you won’t be surprised if you misplace one of your devices. With the help of the Pro Device Finder, you can easily track your device to its location. This gadget works as a Bluetooth beacon. Once you click on the button on this gadget, it will ring your device wherever it is. Just follow the sound of the ringing to locate your device.

Final Thoughts

Architecture is a field that requires various tools for optimum productivity. Technology has played a vital role in introducing more advanced and effective gadgets to help architects evolve over the years. There are so many tools out there today. We hope our list of 10 Best Gadgets For Architects in 2023 will help you improve your architectural tasks, subsequently.