10 Best Apps To Boost Your Kids Creativity

10 Best Apps To Boost Your Kids Creativity

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There are various apps available today which are very efficient for learning and boosting creativity. But have you ever considered the most suitable one for your kids? If you haven’t, then you’re right on track with this article. The fascinating thing about these kinds of apps is that they help your kids get creative in various ways, and it also boosts their capacity to solve problems.

If you’re a tech lover, you should also know that several apps out there could bring out the best in your kids educationally. There’s no limit to what you can achieve with these apps; in fact, they are available for various age ranges for kids. So long your kid is 3 years and above, you can find suitable learning apps for them.

The Best Learning Apps for Your Kids

Learning apps can be used to train and educate your kids. These apps are compatible with smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It doesn’t mean games should not be allowed, games are also crucial for your kids, but if you want your kids to grow mentally, you need learning apps to boost their brain capacity.

We live in a digital world, so it’s safe and essential to bring your kids up to be tech-savvy. However, extreme care needs to be taken when picking your app choice for your kids. Parents could easily make mistakes and choose the wrong app for their kids with so many apps available.

So how do you know the right learning app? You’ll know it’s the right learning app when it’s a combination of creativity and entertainment. This combination is best for your kids while growing up to evolve to become better versions of themselves and be useful to society.

What are The Benefits of Learning Apps?

Learning apps play a significant role in educating kids without school activities. When there are no school activities, it shouldn’t bring about a halt in your kid’s learning process. The fact remains that education also continues beyond the walls of a school or educational institute.

Education should also continue at home, and these learning apps are exciting ways you can effectively educate your kids at home. With these apps, you can convert your kid’s leisure hours to a creative and entertaining one. They will also help improve your kid’s engagement skills to interact better in public.

Without wasting any further time, let’s take a look at some of the benefits you stand to achieve with essential learning apps.

1. Improves Learning Techniques

Learning is supposed to be diverse, and that’s one of the benefits you stand to gain with these apps. Learning apps make the teaching process relatively easy. While your kids have time to play friendly games to keep their brains active, learning apps can also be added to the mix to help with their brain creativity.

2. It Strengthens Parent and Child Bond

Since most parents find themselves in Busy circumstances, it becomes difficult for them to spend quality time with their kids. However, parents should encourage learning apps that will enable them to efficiently assist their kids’ training with whatever spare time they can get from their busy working schedules. When you guide your child with a learning app, it makes learning pretty convenient and entertaining, and most of all, it helps build an exciting engagement session with yourself and your kid, which helps strengthen the Parent and Child bond between you two.

3. Helps Your Kids Get the Best Out of Their Screen Time

Most parents allow their kids the freedom to spend all their screen time on games and cartoons, which isn’t an effective method of boosting your child’s creativity. It would be best to adjust their screen activities by including learning apps as a significant aspect of their screen time to help better their skills and competence.

Top App Niches to Consider

With various learning apps available on the market, parents need to know what’s best for their kids. It will be an added advantage if you know where your kid’s interests lie. However, you need not worry if you don’t know the right essential learning apps for your children. You can use the following app niche to have an idea of the kind of learning apps that would be best for your kids:

1. Math Creativity App Category

This is a common area in which most kids don’t excel well, parents inclusive. However, this can be changed when you provide your kids with math creativity apps that teach them mathematics using easy and entertaining steps.

2. Language Teaching App Category

Kids need to communicate properly with languages at a young age. However, there are so many language teaching apps out there that could help your kids get started on their journey to improving their language communication skills.

3. Art Creation App Category

Art is a vital area a kid should be taught while growing up. Getting an Art creation app for your kids will teach them various aspects of art like how to draw and color objects. It could be pretty exciting when using such an app.

4. STEAM Learning App Category

STEAM is an abbreviation of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. This app is the perfect app you need to heighten your kid’s sense of creativity, especially if they are science inclined. Fictional stories, Drawing, Painting, Imagination are all aspects of the Art category on the STEAM app. The art category is becoming the most commonly used aspect of this app since most parents believe their kids should have such art-related skills as their expertise.

Top 10 Learning Apps for Your Child’s Creativity

The following are the top learning apps for your child’s creativity:

1. Curious World App (2-7 years)

Curious World App (2-7 years)Curiosity is an excellent attribute in kids. Curious kids always learn from curiosity and even more throughout life. The curiosity app is essential for helping your kids get to know a vast number of curious information that they’ll indeed be intrigued with.

When you subscribe to this app, you are entitled to unlimited creative games, educational books, and videos. They keep getting updated every week, so theirs unlimited information for your curious kids to access.

2. The Sago Mini Music Box App (2-4 years)

The Sago Mini Music Box App (2-4 years)Your kids can have fun with Jinja, Harvey as they take their musical journey to the next level. Another fascinating aspect of this game is that your kids get to choose their preferred turn while having fun moving their animals through various environments.

3. My Play Home App (3-6 years)

My Play Home App (3-6 years)This app is a virtual house where your kids can carry out all kinds of activities utilizing their favorite characters. These characters can help your kids carry out home chores, cook, and even play music every day. In addition, the app will help your kids improve their skills in the real world.

4. Create a Car App (3-6 years)

Create a Car App (3-6 years)This app will help your kids customize any vehicle of their preference using 30 car designs. The app also allows them access to over 70 vehicle parts for their customization procedures. Once they create their first vehicle, they can drive it out or park it in the garage.

5. My First Classical Music App (5-7 years)

My First Classical Music App (5-7 years)It is a complete musical app that contains various displays of the various music classes. In addition, there are also animation themes and information on instruments and musicians.


6. Art Class With Dr. Panda App (6-8 years)

Art Class With Dr. Panda App (6-8 years)It is more like having your kids enroll in a virtual art class with every art tool ranging from paints and color pens at their disposal. They can also carry our art crafting activities such as kite making, amongst many others. This app will surely bring out the best in your kid’s art skills.

7. Toontastic App (6-8 years)

ToontasticToontastic is a cartoon creation app that contains lots of exciting features. With this app, your kids can draw anything from their imagination, and there are lots of characters to choose from. You kids can also add special effects to their cartoons when done and share them with their loved ones.

8. Toca Hair Salon Me App (6 years and above)

Toca Hair Salon Me App (6 years and above)This app will help your kids get the best out of their pictures by making various changes, such as adding a mustache, changing their hairstyle, adding a hat, and many other changes that will give their picture a new look.

9. Magic Piano App (8 years and above)

Magic Piano App (8 years and above)

The Magic Piano App is a musical app that will bring out the musical talent in your kid. Select a song from the options, and light will guide you to tap on the piano to get the right tune. Your kids can learn to play different instruments while using this app.

10. Minecraft Pocket Edition App (8 years and above)

Minecraft Pocket Edition App (8 years and above)This app is top-rated and suitable for improving your kid’s creativity. It is a block-shaped environment where the players can engage in various activities like building a house and creating tools. The player also learns how to solve common problems like mob situations. There are various difficulty levels to encounter as your kid progresses.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to improve your kid’s creativity, and one of them is bringing them up with learning apps. These learning apps have a way of helping your kids improve their skills in various categories.  With the many options available, we’ve taken the time to get the best learning apps that will be most suitable for your children’s growth and creativity. Then, you can try them out to get better results.